"If you think adventure is dangerous, try routine; it's LETHAL!"   

Paulo Coelho


Naretoi : [Maa for 'making blessed things happen']

Naretoi has 40 x 5 acre house sites strategically positioned across the 1000 acre estate to make the most of the wide open vistas, views of the Kileleoni Hill or the Mara River.  

Owning a home on Naretoi makes the dream of living in a world-famous wildlife conservancy possible, with easy access (Ngerende Airstrip is a short game drive away and there is a private airstrip on Naretoi) and within a secure environment.

The animal-proof fence surrounding Naretoi gives owners and visitors the freedom to wonder on foot or bicycle along tracks through the bush and to enjoy the tranquillity of the wild. Plains game such as zebra, giraffe, waterbuck, Thomson’s gazelle, Grant’s gazelle and a huge variety of birdlife live within Naretoi. The plots are well spaced, keeping the majority of Naretoi open for wildlife.

Traversing across Enonkishu, Ol Choro Oiruwa and Lemek conservancies, Naretoi homeowners have access to the best game and landscapes the Mara has to offer.

Naretoi plot prices start from $300,000 for the 5 acre plots on which your dream safari home can be built.



The masterplan below has been designed around an old family farm that has been "re-wilded" and the plots were positioned to make the best out of the incredible views available, the vegetation, natural streams and the meanders of the Mara River. Each 5 acre plot has a sense of space and privacy with open and uninterrupted views; a perfect blank canvas on which to create a dream safari home. 


Our homeowners have worked with some of Kenya's best architects and contractors who have created some incredible safari getaways, unique to suit their own style, whilst blending in to this environment.

Masterplan 2021 copy.jpg


The Naretoi plots have been sold to buyers from USA, Europe and Africa, with safari homes built on the majority.

There are a limited number of beautiful 5 acre plots remaining on the Naretoi Estate with views either over the Mara River or overlooking the 

Kileleoni hill. 

*On the Master Plan above, the available plots are the ones with numbers on.



Overlooking the Mara River, these plots are perched high on the river banks with views stretching up or downstream over the Mara River.  Hippos and crocodiles bask in the river below and the riverine forests attract an array of unique birdlife.


These plots are strategically positioned on the edge of the Naretoi Euclea forests opening out onto the plains with a backdrop of the dramatic Kileloni hill.  There is a great feeling of space and homeowners can enjoy plenty of activity of plains game with zebra often coming down onto their lawns, hyenas loping by in the evenings and wide open views across the Mara plains.

Image by Jonatan Pie


Reconnect with nature, and each other...

Safari with family and friends is an enriching experience and Naretoi provides the perfect opportunity for parents, children and grandparents, to bond and create life-long memories.

At Naretoi you can build your dream home and create a sanctuary for adventure with the chance to inspire future wildlife conservation and share quality time with children of all ages!


Imagine waking up in your own home in the Maasai Mara, to freshly brewed coffee brought to your own verandah.  A wake up call of “Hodi , Jambo!” as you emerge from your bed and push open the beautiful doors you designed with the help of a local craftsmen.



You step outside and feel the first rays of light of the day warm your face as they shine over the dramatic Kileleoni Hill not far away.  The kaleidoscope of sounds and aromas, including wild Jasmine, freshly cut grass, weaver birds chatting away as they build their homes, a pair of crested cranes flying overhead; these will all become familiar treats for your senses. Enjoy the daily ritual as you sit on your hand-carved Lamu bed, have your first sip while watching the hippos wallowing in the Mara River at the edge of your beautifully mowed lawn.


Take a morning game drive into the community-owned Enonkishu Conservancy, looking out for the familiar resident leopards on the way, often seen wandering for cover in the Euclea forests of Naretoi after a busy night roaming for prey. Drive back home for a long lazy brunch or lunch, with the family on your deck overlooking the river.  Then after an afternoon siesta maybe you could play a game of tennis then take a dip in your pool before you all pile into your car with your familiar and incredibly knowledgeable Maasai guide (who is now a lifelong friend), to take a drive up past the rhino sanctuary onto the edge of the Kileloni Hill, where you’ll sit on canvas camp chairs, gin and tonic in hand, around a fire, with your favourite people around you. Sit back and watch the spectacular sunset over the Mara plains, which stretch as far as the eye can see.

Cheetahs on Safari


Meander in your safari car back at dusk through the safari gate, keeping your eyes peeled for the resident leopard.  Get home and watch the stars by the campfire, enjoy supper with vegetables picked from the local shamba and then retire to your bed, listening to the not-so-distant roars of the local lion pride and the whooping hyenas. 

Wake up. Repeat.


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